April 10, 2012 Minutes

Tularosa Village Hall

Tularosa Village Hall is in the center of town on St. Francis Drive.

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Workshop - April 10, 2012

The Mayor and the Board of Trustees of the Village of Tularosa met in a Workshop setting on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 at 6:00 P. M. in the Court/Conference Room of the Public Safety Facility located at 609 St. Francis Drive, Tularosa, New Mexico.

Present: Mayor Ray S. Cordova
Trustee Fred O. Tyler
Trustee Patrick A. Garcia
Trustee Gloria R. Sainz
Trustee Joseph Lueras

Also present was Richard Gutierrez, Grants Coordinator and Monica Voorbach AP/Payroll Clerk. Absent was Dianna Brusuelas-Guilez, Village Clerk-Treasurer.

Mayor Ray S. Cordova called the Workshop to order at 6:00 P. M. asking that all rise and join him in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Salute to the Flag of the State of New Mexico.

Items presented at the Workshop are the items that will be presented at the Regular Meeting of April 11, 2012 which include:

Consideration of Agenda and Consent Agenda
Unscheduled Correspondence and Public Comments
Nicki Zamora/Amanda Venya-St. Francis Mayordomos-Requesting extra patrol and placement of barricades on Friday for Coronation and Dance at Fiesta Grounds from 7:30-12:00 midnight, Saturday for Procession at 5:00 P. M. and Sunday at Fiesta Grounds
Rick Gutierrez-Approval of Resolution 2011-2012-15 authorizing the application for the Colonias Infrastructure Act
Emma Gagliani-Lizard Ranch Road maintenance
Trustee Patrick Garcia-Requesting start date for taking tips off of KTB rose garden sign
Trustee Fred Tyler-Approve White Sands Shrine Club sponsoring Rose Festival Parade and Arts and Crafts Show in May 2013
Old Business
New Business

Susan Flores, Keep Tularosa Beautiful representative said the Spring Clean-Up would be April 20th and end April 30th with citizens taking all yard waste behind the Animal Shelter on 7th Street and field employees chipping the branches and Ralph Otero maintaining the dumpsters. Ms. Flores submitted the application for Keep Tularosa Beautiful for $12,000.00. Tularosa Little League Park received three $800.00 grants which were written by Trustee Joseph Lueras which will supply planting trees, re-seeding, a drip system, placing picnic tables, benches.

Rick Gutierrez asked the Members of the Board to think about the intentions of the ICIP and to prioritize what programs are important. Trustee Patrick Garcia said he would like restrooms at the parks.

Trustee Fred Tyler gave a report on the Tularosa Community Ditch Corporation meeting saying there was an item on their agenda to increase the water rates 4% in the next 2 1/2 years.

Questions arose on the Colonias money. Rick Gutierrez explained that there would be a 10% match and a 10% loan. Mr. Gutierrez also wanted to get a consensus of approval to submit the application and for the Resolution.

Ms. Sharon Miller spoke for Keep Tularosa Beautiful in reference to removing or altering the Rose Garden signs stating that the rose owners do not want to remove the signs. Trustee Fred Tyler clarified that the Village's intention was not to take the signs off but to cut the tops of the signs leaving the names of the sponsors.

Trustee Fred Tyler asked about the acting chief wondering if the Mayor should appoint the acting chief to chief or if the position should be advertised. Mayor Cordova asked Trustee Tyler to put in writing what doctor's release he wanted from Ken Selman as per a previous meeting.

Trustee Gloria R. Sainz asked the outcome of Mr. Diaz (Tuliano's) and Mr. Ruiz (El Arbolito) issue. The response was that the junk cars have been removed but the licensed and registered trailer have not.

Trustee Joseph Lueras then moved to adjourn and the motion was seconded by Trustee Fred Tyler. There being no further business the workshop adjourned at 6:55 P. M.



Ray S. Cordova, Mayor




Dianna R. Brusuelas-Guilez, Village Clerk


The written minutes are the official minutes of the meeting. The recorded Compact Flash are part of the minutes only for interpreting any ambiguity in the written minutes. When the minutes are approved and signed the written minutes are the official minutes of the meeting.

Minutes approved by The Board of Trustees at the Regular Meeting of May 16, 2012.