August 14, 2012 Minutes

Tularosa Village Hall

Tularosa Village Hall is in the center of town on St. Francis Drive.

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Workshop-August 14, 2012

The Mayor and the Board of Trustees of the Village of Tularosa met in a Workshop Session on Tuesday,, August 14, 2012 at 6:00 P. M. in the Court Conference Room of the Public Safety Facility located at 609 St. Francis Drive, Tularosa, New Mexico.

Present: Mayor Ray S. Cordova
Trustee Fred O. Tyler
Trustee Joseph Lueras
Trustee Gloria R. Sainz

Absent: Patrick Garcia

Also present was Grants Coordinator Richard Gutierrez and Village Clerk Dianna Brusuelas-Guilez.

Mayor Ray S. Cordova called the Workshop to order at 6:07 P. M. asking that all rise and join him in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Salute to the Flag of the State of New Mexico.

Items presented at the Workshop are the items that will be presented at the Regular meeting of August 15, 2012 which include:

Consideration of Agenda and Consent Agenda
Unscheduled Correspondence and Public Comments (3 Minutes)
Dianna Brusuelas-Guilez-Information: DFA-Local Government Division has granted a conditional certification of the Final FY 2012-2013 Budget
Rick Gutierrez-Approval of Resolution 2012-13-03 applying for a waiver of local entities matching funds for 2013 Road Co-Op Project
Dianna Brusuelas-Guilez Approval of Resolution 2012-13-04 desiring the services of the Southeastern New Mexico Economic Development District and becoming a member of the Council of Governments at an annual contribution of $1,000.00
Dianna Brusuelas-Guilez-Consider for Adoption Ordinance 244-adopting new sections 70.01(B)(6) and 70.01(B)(7); adopting amendments to the 2010 Uniform Traffic Ordinance and amending subsection 151.02(A) and to Publish by Title and Subject Matter
Mayor Ray S. Cordova-Remove line item (101-0200-141030) and Budget from Judicial. Insert line item (101-0100-41030) and Budget to Legislative. Decrease Payroll taxes (101-0200-42010) by $796.00. Increase Payroll taxes (101-0100-42010) by $796.00. Rename: Temporary Community Service Coordinator/Resource Officer
Mayor Ray S. Cordova-Approval of Temporary Employment Agreement with Susan Flores from July 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012 at $10.00 per hour with no more than 20 hours per week as per Chapter II, Section 20.01, Paragraph E of the Village of Tularosa Employee Personnel Policy
Old Business
New Business

There were several code enforcement issues including the police cars with flats on the side street of the Police Department. It was asked if the water from Bonito Lake effects the village, Mayor responded no.

Trustee Fred Tyler asked about the sludge removal at the Sewer Plant. Rick Gutierrez said the removal would start by the end of the month.

A citizen asked about removing the wire cage with the cans. Mayor Cordova said Keep Tularosa Beautiful would be moving from it's current location to between the yellow building and the back of the police department.

Discussion continued on the looks of the old Wells Fargo building and a suggestion of moving the front of the fence to the back and the owner could display his good during working hours in front but store them in the back.

Trustee Joseph Lueras asked for the relationship of the Keep Tularosa Beautiful program and the village. Ms. Susan Flores said the Keep Tularosa Beautiful program is a program of the village run by a village employee but is funded by grants.

Mayor Ray Cordova announced that the village's Solid Waste would soon be delivering our waste to the convenience center near La Luz rather than the landfill near Oro Grande which would save on gas and the wear and tear on the truck.

There being no further business to come before the board the workshop was adjourned at 6:40 P. M.


Ray S. Cordova, Mayor



Dianna R. Brusuelas-Guilez, Village Clerk

The written minutes are the official minutes of the meeting. The recorded Compact Flash are part of the minutes only for interpreting any ambiguity in the written minutes. When the minutes are approved and signed the written minutes are the official minutes of the meeting.

Minutes approved by The Board of Trustees at the Regular Meeting of September 19, 2012.