December 17, 2007 Minutes

Tularosa Village Hall

Tularosa Village Hall is in the center of town on St. Francis Drive.

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Village of Tularosa - Workshop - December 17, 2007

The Board of Trustees of the Village of Tularosa met in a Workshop setting on Monday, December 17, 2007 at 7:00 P. M. in the Court/Conference Room of the Public Safety Facility located at 609 St. Francis Drive, Tularosa, New Mexico.

Present: Mayor Ray S. Cordova, Trustee Patrick Garcia, Trustee Margaret Trujillo, Trustee Thomas McKean, Trustee Gloria Sainz, Fire Chief Robert Chavez as well as Village Clerk Dianna Brusuelas.

Mayor Ray S. Cordova called the meeting to order asking that all rise and join in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Items of discussion were items listed in the Agenda to be presented at the Regular Meeting of December 18, 2007.

Consideration of Agenda and Consent Agenda

Unscheduled Correspondence and Public Comments

Information: Baja Broadband upcoming channel additions and changes on the cable system

Memorandum of Agreement between Department of Health and Village of Tularosa

Rick Gutierrez-Award bid for Yard Maintenance Building

Monica Voorbach-Award leasing of water right bids

Harry Burcher-Traffic Safety slow down traffic

Donald Spain-Will the Village provide fire protection, police protection and emergency for my address (1207 Randall Drive)

Trustee Thomas McKean-Community Center Dining Room Deposit $100.00; Community Center Dining Room w/kitchen /deposit $150.00. Individual Room Rent $15.00 for the first hour $10.00 each additional hour plus $15.00 Deposit

Adoption of Ordinance 227 adopting a Municipal Gross Receipts Tax and to publish by Title & Subject Matter

Adoption of Resolution 2007-2008-14 Increase to Budget: Library, Older American Program, Capital Outlay

Dianna Brusuelas-Is Fire Department still in charge of Christmas Eve doing?

Old Business: Trustee Thomas McKean

New Business


Trustee Thomas McKean mentioned that he would like Mr. Obaidi's comments on the garbage service included in the minutes of November 20, 2007.

Discussion on the Prairie Subdivision ensued and Fire Chief Robert Chavez suggested having to accesses in all subdivisions.

Trustee Margaret Trujillo brought up the Sign Permit Ordinance stating that she compared it with the current one and does not agree with having a variance fee (section 153.03(A)(2)). It was discussed to wait on the Sign Ordinance and include it in the workshop with the Dangerous Dog Ordinance.

Trustee Margaret Trujillo also would like to include a waiver on the outside village limit water Moratorium that treated water cannot be used for agricultural purposes, if a variance is granted the water is to be for domestic use only. Trustee Trujillo would like that in writing.

Mayor Ray S. Cordova commented on a meeting with the Tularosa Community Ditch Corporation. The Ditch Corporation stating that they had acquired $50,000.00 and the Village had acquired $50,000.00, the village having no knowledge of the $50,000.00 and he felt the village was misrepresented. Mayor Cordova said he would bring it up to the representatives in Alamogordo on January 4, 2008. The Mayor stated he would write a letter to Senator Dianna Duran and the Legislators not supporting the reservoir. Mayor Ray S. Cordova and the members of the Board only remembered supporting the Feasibility Study.

The Village of Tularosa Workshop adjourned at 8:25 P. M.

The written minutes are the official minutes of the meeting. The recorded tapes are part of the minutes only for interpreting any ambiguity in the written minutes. When the minutes are approved and signed the written minutes are the official minutes of the meeting.


Ray S. Cordova, Mayor



Dianna R. Brusuelas, Village Clerk

Minutes approved by the Board of Trustees at the Regular Meeting of January 15, 2007.