February 14, 2017 Minutes

Tularosa Village Hall

Tularosa Village Hall is in the center of town on St. Francis Drive.

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Workshop – February 14, 2017

The Board of Trustees of the Village of Tularosa met in a Workshop session on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at 6:00 pm int the Court Conference Room of the Public Safety Facility located at 609 St. Francis Drive, Tularosa, New Mexico. 

PRESENT:   Mayor, Ray S. Cordova
                        Trustee, Robert Sianz
                        Trustee, John 'Ray' Telles
                        Trustee, Deanna Montoya

Absent:      Trustee, Patrick Garcia

Also present was Rick Gutierrez Project Coordinator, Sally Singleton Utility Billing Clerk, and Monica A. Voorbach, Village Clerk

Mayor Ray S. Cordova called the Workshop to order at 6:00 pm.  Asking that all rise and join him in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Salute to the Flag of the State of New Mexico. 

Items presented at the Workshop are items that will be presented at the Regular Meeting of February 15, 2017 which includes:

Consideration of Agenda and Consent Agenda Unscheduled        Correspondence and Public Comments

Joan Price, working on a project and discussed about maps from Tularosa all the way to Apache line .  Showed a copy of a map Aseca system from 1906 showing a chain of Pearls down the river. The of the names of Hispanic Community.  Joan asked for a copy of a map  that had been done for the Village in 1985 for the  Creek Pipe Line Project. Mayor suggested to ask one of our past Clerk's Margaret Gonzales about the water study and maps. 

Randi Northrop, Liberian informed the Board that she will be retiring in August 2017 and introduced Laurie Carrillo and highly recommended her for the Liberian position.  Graduated 10 years ago form NMSU.  The Mayor stated for Laurie to fill out an application and submit to the Village office for the Board to review and schedule an interview.  Trustee, Robert Sainz asked

if individuals entering Library that are not suitable and with a hygiene issue and those individual just hanging out in the Library during the day.  Randi stated more than 1 or 2 showing up and creating a disturbance.  Mayor suggested to hand out cards to the other people in the Library and to write their concerns and then submit to the Village office. Mayor also stated that he would meet with the Chief of Police, Woods.   Trustee Montoya stated that the previous judge were pretty honored on collecting fines is this not happening anymore.  The Liberian stated that the new Judge ad Police Chief do not want to continue doing what we use to do because it would cause a problem with the community. The Mayor stated that it is there job.

Trustee Deanna Montoya, Attended the Presentation at the down town Revitalization and one of their concerns was how slow down the traffic through town. Rick Gutierrez explained the project of the medians that are going to be placed and should control some of the traffic.  The Mayor asked if we could talk to Mr. Norman who would support the complaints and will make sure he meets with the Police Chief.

Alex Median’s Resignation 01/20/2017. 
Deberly Dorame Information of food trailer & Zoning
Meeting @ OAP Center Thursday February 16, 2017 @ 12:45 pm of the Transition of our Center & SMSS Inc.

Item 9 - Paula Merrell, from the Cloud croft Senior Center Sacramento Mountains Senior Services, we have 3 sites already Mayhill, Cloudcroft, High Rolls.  What They are asking for the Village to give permission to work with Tularosa Center bring it under their Umbrella 501 (c) 3 non profit organization.  Then they can start working to increase service that that they can see from the service is already in place.  They need a full inventory by February 28, 2017 so they know what is there what needs to be bought.  The money in the donation box needs to deposited every day brought to their attention. The money from the Thrift shop is the Seniors money.  The assessments and reassessments to be in order and the state said they will be sending someone from Santa Fe to help get the assessments in order.

SMSS, Inc. will be covering 15% of County when they take over the Village of Tularosa Senior Center.  Mayor stated that he wishes they could take it over and his concern was the Vehicles.  That when they take over the program they would need to have the vehicles insured.   They will send a copy of the lease with Cloudcroft and SMSS,Inc.

Item 4     Angela Nina, requesting approval of moving a 1971 mobile home  to address 1009 Lucille St. Trustee Robert Sainz said that Trustee Patrick Garcia went to see the trailer and will discuss it at the regular meeting tomorrow. And Trustee Robert Sainz concern was if they had utility hook up and Sally Singleton explained that they were hooking up to the existing water and sewer. Trustee Telles, asked how old does the trailer have to be to be approved. Sally Singleton stated it had to be 12 years to the date which is called a variance.

Item 5   Henry Prelo, permission to put a mobile home at 1005 Posey Lane and requesting water & sewer.
Trustee Sainz, stated that his trailer was in good shape.
Item 6   Jeremiah Deleon, Requesting of placement of 5th wheel (temporary) on an empty space 1-Self contained no water, sewage or electricity.
Trustee Robert Sainz, questioned of temporary placement stand for.  Not requesting utilities and is he going to store it their.  

Item 7 Luke Towner, requesting a refund of the plumber costs at his property 1205 Montclair.
Sally Singleton discussed the situation of what happened.  Trustee Telles asked how much was the actual bill. Then Mayor stated we will wait till tomorrow meeting and take action.

Item 8    Elisa Rocha, requesting for the city to demolish old house at 1101 Hagee lane in Tularosa.
Due to the Anti Donation Clause can't go into private property

Item 10-   Police Chief, Charles Wood confirmation of ACO Debbie Hernandez as a full time regular employee with a pay increase of $1.00, DOH- 06/02/2016.

Item 11    Mayor Cordova, Approval of appointment of Prestina Chavez Transfer from Older American Program to Village Office as Payroll Clerk/Acct s Payable s with 6 months Probation and new job pay rate of $17.50 a hour.
Trustee Robert Sainz, asked where the 17.50 hr was coming from.  Mayor stated she was making 19.00 hr.  Trustee Deanna Montoya stated that 17.50 is to high.  Trustee Robert Sainz stated that Prestina refused the retirement and has no retirement and her performance of her previous job as a Supervisor.  Trustee Ray Telles also stated that 17.50 is to much. 

Item 12    Approval of appointment Jennifer Gruger, at Older American Program as In-Term Director/Finance Officer @ $15.00 an Hr. until the takeover of the program from Sacramento Mountains Senior Service, Inc. March 2017.
Sally Singleton spoke up and asked why no one said anything about bringing Jennifer Gruger at $15.00.  Trustee Deanna Montoya, agreed with Sally and questioned how she got the position and why it was not advertised. 

Item 13   Approval of appointment of Jesus Payan on a 6 month Probationary status as the Solid Waste Driver at $14.00 hr. Per discussion with board members and Sally Singleton and complemented how he took over the routes and learned it on his own.  Doing a good job for the Village and works well with Sally communicating and picking up garbage.

Item 14   Approval of new hire of Ryann Boggs, Temporary Employment agreement from 01/26/2017 and will end 02/28/2017 as per chapter II, Section 20.01, Paragraph E, of the Village of Tularosa Employment Personnel Policy at $7.50 hr.
Trustee Robert Sainz, brought up if he was one of those gentlemen that was brought up from the Library having a hygiene problem. Trustee Telles, stated to ask Jen Gruger because she is the one that hired him.

Item 15   Approval of appointment of June Carrillo on a 6 month probationary status as the new hire for Tularosa Police Dispatcher at $9.50 hr.

Item 16  Trustee Robert Sainz, Discussion eliminating Tuesday's Workshops
Trustee Robert Sainz,  stated that this is the only 2nd workshop that lasted over 30 minutes   If we need to have a workshop we can insert it in their.  Mr. Kirk stated that we need to discuss whats on the agenda and feel each other.    Trustee Montoya also said we have to have those in public.  

Item 17   Larry Austin, request of ruts in his yard and requesting someone to take them out.
Trustee Robert Sainz, said that the ruts had washed out by themselves. Mr Austin was upset because the ACO and Officer went through his property.

Item 18    Approval of Ordinance #270 and Publish  by Title and Subject Matter amending the Tularosa code of Ordinances Section 51.01 and Subsections 50.16 (A) and © Providing for an increase in monthly rates for Water and Sewer service and for Solid Waste Collection.
Trustee Ray Telles, stated now that the state is taking over that we can look at finances their. Sally Singleton said that a $6.00 increase was a little strap for the customers. 

Old Business: Kirk Crawford said  on the week they had the Granado Street a guy that does not even live in Tularosa stated he hated going to stores where the tumble weed all stacked up.  #2 If that be the case where is the Code enforcer to tell these people to clean up their property.  Also how many business are on Grando Street older than I have? Mayor stated not very many.

Trustee Robert Sainz, The green building shed door was wide open and empty. 
Trustee Ray Telles stated he was opposed to giving a $1.00 raise straight across.  Mayor stated why he gives the raise is because the employees don't receive a raise in  3 to 4 years.
There being no further business to come before the Board Trustee Ray Telles  moved and Trustee Robert Saint seconded for adjournment.  The Workshop adjourned at  8:12 pm.

 Ray S. Cordova, Mayor


Monica A. Voorbach, Village Clerk

When the minutes are approved and signed the written minutes are the official minutes of the meeting. The recorded Compact Flash are part of minutes only for interpreting any ambiguity in the written minutes.  When the minutes are approved and signed the written minutes are the official minutes of the meeting.

Minutes approved by the Board of Trustees at the Regular Meeting of March 15, 2017