November 3, 2008 Special Meeting Minutes

Minutes from 11/03/2008

Tularosa Village Hall

Tularosa Village Hall is in the center of town on St. Francis Drive.

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Special Meeting-November 3, 2008

The Board of Trustees of the Village of Tularosa met in a Special Session on Monday, November 3, 2008 at 6:00 P. M. in the Court/Conference Room of the Public Safety Facility located at 609 St. Francis Drive, Tularosa, New Mexico.

Present: Mayor Ray S. Cordova, Trustee Fred Tyler, Trustee Patrick Garcia, Trustee Thomas McKean, Trustee Gloria Sainz, Attorney Jeff Rhodes as well as Finance Officer Valarie Delgado.

Absent: Village Clerk Dianna Brusuelas

Mayor Cordova called the meeting to order asking that all rise and join in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Item 1. Consideration of Agenda

Trustee Thomas McKean moved to consider the agenda and was seconded by Trustee Fred Tyler.

Roll Call: Trustee Garcia, aye. Trustee McKean, aye. Trustee Sainz, aye. Trustee Tyler, aye. Motion carried with all members of the Board voting aye.

Mayor Ray Cordova proceeded to explain why he called this meeting stating that he has been in contact with Ernie Byers who is well versed and an expert in Solid Waste having to do with contracts, types of vehicles, privatizing etc. Mayor Cordova asked Mr. Byers to give the village options the village would be facing if our Solid Waste contract is canceled. Mayor Cordova has gotten some indication from Art Cardiel (dba Alamo Disposal) that he is ready to opt out and the village would also like to opt out. Mayor Cordova stated that he would have to meet with Mr. Cardiel to see if he and the village could come to a mutual agreement to terminate the contract. Mayor Cordova indicated that he would have to ask Mr. Cardiel to continue his service until the village could get some other means for collection of the Solid Waste. Mr. Ernie Byers has been hired as a consultant to give the village options.

Item 2. Consideration of contingent alternatives for Solid Waste Collection & Disposal

Mr. Byers gave a brief background of his career and gave a short list of options and told the Members of the Board that in order to consider going anything on our own and managing our own system we would need to keep a truck busy and pay for it, can we do it in an economic fashion and regulate the rates and can we control the destination, pay the tipping fees. Mr. Byers said in one of his proposals he would suggest the village buy and own the containers which could be through a public/private partnership, contract out or do a rationalization effort and piggyback off of Lincoln county.

Mr. Byers suggested establishing a Comprehensive Solid Waste Plan and said a smooth transition is very important. It would probably cost $100,000.00 for two used trucks, a payment of $2,000.00 monthly. Full liability insurance on two trucks would run about $500.00 a month, hiring two employees at $13.00 and $11.00 per hour plus benefits would be about $5,000.00 per month, tipping fees at $2,000.00 per month, fuel $1,200.00 per month and maintenance would be approximately $500.00 per month. Mr. Byers is fixing a packet for the board members with pictures of the trucks including used and new trucks, some can include GPS tracking. Mr. Byers will ship a container to view.

Trustee Thomas McKean asked if the Village had enough business to support it own solid waste company, the response was yes.

Mr. Byers said he will put a package together once he gets the financial from the village to give to lending institutions to get interest rates and payment options.

Trustee Thomas McKean asked how long it would take to get started if the village said go ahead now. Mr. Byers said containers would take three weeks. Mr. Byers said it would take 45 days to start because of training, public education etc. Mr. Byers would use
municipal leasing companies.

Mr. Ernie Byers thanked the Mayor and Members of the Board.

Item 3. Adjourn

Trustee Thomas McKean moved to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 7:00 P. M.

The written minutes are the official minutes of the meeting. The recorded CompactFlash is part of the minutes only for interpreting any ambiguity in the written minutes. When the minutes are approved and signed the written minutes are the official minutes of the meeting.

Ray S. Cordova, Mayor


Dianna R. Brusuelas, Village Clerk

Minutes approved by The Board of Trustees at the Regular Meeting of December 16, 2008.