October 11, 2007 Minutes

Tularosa Village Hall

Tularosa Village Hall is in the center of town on St. Francis Drive.

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Village of Tularosa - Workshop-October 11, 2007

The Board of Trustees of the Village of Tularosa met in a Workshop setting on Thursday, October 11, 2007 at 7:00 P.M. in the Court/Conference Room of the Public Safety Facility located at 609 St. Francis Drive, Tularosa, New Mexico.

Present: Mayor Ray S. Cordova, Trustee Patrick Garcia, Trustee Margaret Trujillo, Trustee Thomas McKean, Trustee Gloria Sainz. Also present were several members of the Planning & Zoning Commission as well as Village Clerk Dianna Brusuelas

The first question that arose was the deletion of of the definition of Shopping Centers. It was agreed that the definition would be deleted from this section. Parts of the Ruidoso, NM ordinance were reviewed in reference to 153.06 Size.

Issues of Enforcement and a non-refundable Application fee, banners and if a business closes were discussed.

Mr. Don Ogden brought up a procedure of a Check Off list.

It was decided that the Planning & Zoning would review and redo the ordinance and bring it back to the Board before sending it to Jeff Rhodes for review.

The written minutes are the official minutes of the meeting. The recorded tapes are part of the minutes only for interpreting any ambiguity in the written minutes. When the minutes are approved and signed the written minutes are the official minutes of the meeting.


Ray S. Cordova, Mayor



Dianna R. Brusuelas, Village Clerk

Minutes approved by the Board of Trustees at the Regular Meeting of November 20, 2007.